Instructor Ruth Fisher, PhD

Author of The Medical Cannabis Primer

If you’re already a budtender, you probably know a thing or two about customer service. And perhaps you’re a recreational cannabis connoisseur. For example, you may already have an understanding of the nuances among the different strains: which ones give you energy and which make you sink into the couch. But do you know why the same strains can have such profoundly different effects on different people? What’s going on with the plant and our bodies? What’s the endocannabinoid system? Delta-9? Decarboxylation? And why does this stuff matter to a budtender?

Maybe you're a medical professional who just wants to get the facts straight, so you can make better decisions with your patients who use medical marijuana.

Or maybe you're a medical patient dipping your own toes into the MMJ arena, and you're just curious enough to want the facts for yourself.

These are some of the concepts you will learn in this class. We’ll also help clear up the mountains of misinformation surrounding cannabis. If you’re a budtender or professional who's serious about your trade, you really need to know this stuff. 

This self-paced class consists of two hours of lectures and six quizzes, which you may utilize as often as you like during your subscription. Additionally, Dr. Fisher participates in student discussions. 

Upon adequate completion, you’ll receive a certificate suitable for framing.

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Lessons are easy to understand with closed captioning and lots of supporting graphics & text. The course player keeps track of all your progress and allows you to skip around and retake quizzes and lectures. Students may interact with Dr. Fisher and other students in the comments section under each lecture.

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The Medical Cannabis Primer

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A hard copy of Dr. Fisher's full-color compendium is available to complement this course. This book shows users and prescribers exactly what they need to know, in easy-to-understand terms, how to make cannabis work effectively while minimizing undesirable effects. With its comprehensive index, this book will become your go-to cannabis guide.

"I've never seen anything so complete, properly compiled, and easily comprehensible for literally anyone interested in seriously learning about cannabis as medicine."

— Mike Robinson, Founder
Global Cannabinoid Research Center

"This compendium provides an unbiased, clear and concise overview of all the key information and supporting evidence for medical cannabis. This is precisely what every patient and healthcare provider needs to start making informed and rational decisions about the use of medical cannabis."

— Angela Hardy, Pharm.D.
Cannabis Educator and Cannabis Clinical Consultant

The Medical Cannabis Primer book